Corinna School Parent/Student Handbook

…Educating students to become responsible and respectful citizens, collaborative and quality workers, clear and effective communicators, self-directed and life-long learners, creative and practical problem solvers, and integrated and informed learners…



The staff and administration of Corinna School would like to welcome you and your children to a new school year. Corinna Elementary School is a member of RSU #19, which includes the towns of Corinna, Hartland, Newport, Palmyra, Plymouth, St. Albans, Etna and Dixmont.

Corinna Elementary School educates its young people through grade four, at which time the students move on to Sebasticook Valley Middle School and then to Nokomis Regional High.

The town of Corinna, its citizens, and the entire school community are extremely proud of the academic excellence achieved at Corinna Elementary School. The support for the school and for education in this small Maine community is truly outstanding.


Corinna School Newsletter

Frequently, a newsletter is sent home detailing school news and important upcoming events. We encourage you to review this newsletter for any information relating to your child and his/her school experience. 

The Corinna PTF

The Corinna P.T.F. is a group of community members who are interested in promoting the education of our town’s students in grades Pre-K to Fourth. They are, and should be; very proud of the strides they have made throughout the past year and look forward to continued growth and involvement. They encourage all who are interested to join them at their monthly meetings to share your thoughts and ideas.


The Corinna School Staff



Ellen Surprenant

Social Worker:

Ann Sullivan


Carol Otis


Dianne Hawes


Bethany Miller


Kim Conway

Grade One:

Kathy Cloonan

Grade One:

Courtney Applebee

Grade Two/Three

Sara Steiner

Grade Two:

Donna Hautala

Grade Three/Four:

Nicole Seeber

Grade Four:

Sharon Gordon

Special Ed:

Patty Bell

Special Ed:

Shelley Connolly

Title I Reading Specialist:

Christina Moulton

Title I:

Kelly Chapman

Literacy Coach:

Tammy Leonard

Gifted and Talented

Mary Glynn

District Head Librarian:

Cynthia Lutz


Chelsea Novak

Physical Education:

Izaak Bolduc

Classroom Music/Band:

Carl Stecher

Speech and Language:

Alyssa Kajkowski

Psychological Examiner:

Kevin Makarowski

School Nurse:

Maxine Pare’

Ed Techs:

Sue McDaniel
Heather Butler
Sherri Ryder
Gwendelyn DeRaps


Ashley Laking


Doreen Roberts


Leann Miller


Kathy Jackson


Sandra Gerry


David Tebo


Rob Hughes

Food Service

Jeanne Butler


Sally Cook


Casey Murrell













School Office Hours

The school office is open from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM during the school year. If you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to stop by or call 278-4263.



It is very important that children are present, and on time, every day. If your child will be absent, please call the office at 278-4263. Students who are absent from school are required to bring a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian to school the following day. Without this written communication, your child’s absence will be considered unexcused. If family vacations or other absences are planned while school is in session, parents should notify the teacher and/or principal in advance, so arrangements for make-up work can be made.


Arrival of Students in the Morning

Students who walk, ride with parents, or ride their bicycles should not arrive at school until 7:45 a.m. Students arriving too early will not be supervised by an adult or be able gain entrance to the building. School is in session from 8:15 until 2:45.


Student Dismissal/Early Dismissal

Students will not be dismissed during the day without signed authorization from a parent or guardian. If situations arise that change your child’s dismissal destination, please call the office before 12:00 PM.

If for any reason someone needs to pick up your child earlier than our daily release time, write a note, or come in to the office to have the student dismissed.

If a student is going to be picked up by someone not on the student’s emergency form, the parent must send a note to school which includes the name of the person picking up the student as well as the time and date of that pick-up. Send the person with ID for verification. During homeroom, the student will give the note to the teacher who will send the note to the office.

When inclement weather arrives, the opening of school may be canceled for the day, delayed by one hour for the day, or dismissed early for the day. It is recommended that you listen to a local radio station or watch a local TV station for any announcement during stormy weather. They do an excellent job in making these announcements as soon as they are notified.

Early dismissal is sometimes more difficult to deal with since parents are not at home and do not hear the early dismissal announcement. It is important that your child does not go home to an empty house, especially during stormy weather, and the school needs to know where your child should go if early dismissal occurs. Therefore, before inclement weather arrives, an early dismissal form must be completed by parents; these forms may be found on the bottom of the emergency forms. Because it is unlikely that the office staff can reach every parent in this situation, they will rely heavily on the information you provided on these forms and will send your son or daughter to the predetermined location.


Visiting the School

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit Corinna School. Classroom visits and volunteering in a classroom can be especially meaningful for parents, students, and teachers. We would love to see you here.

To protect the school from unauthorized visitors after the start of the school day, all doors will be locked. At all times, parents/visitors, including volunteers, must check in at the office. This policy helps to ensure the safety of the students, faculty, and staff; so, please understand this when you are asked to check in at the office before visiting.


Be a Familiar Face

As parents/guardians, you are encouraged to keep abreast of your child’s education by visiting the school on a regular basis. Do not hesitate to stop by or to call for any reason; if you would like an appointment with a teacher or the principal, just give us a call at 278-4263.



At the beginning of each school year, parents are usually overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork children bring home. This is understandable; however, it is imperative that you read, fill out, sign, and return all the forms. If you should have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to give the office (278-4263) a call. 


Emergency Information Forms

Completed Emergency Forms are a necessity for the office. When sickness or injury occurs, the school must be able to locate the responsible parent/guardian. Without correct and current information, valuable time could be lost. Please notify the school if your phone number, emergency contact, or other information changes. Should there be any individuals who by law are to have no contact with your child, the school should also be notified and all relevant paperwork provided. Once again, please return all forms to the school office; if you need assistance stop by or give us a call at 278-4263.



When a student is injured or becomes ill at school, he/she is to report to his/her teacher. The teacher will send the student to the office and the parent/guardian will be called if necessary. Please know that sometimes this is a “judgment call.” A bump or a bruise may signal no real problem and yet other times it may warn of a more serious injury. When a student does not call attention to a bump or bruise or does not indicate that s/he hurts, we may not know there is a problem. Please be sure you have completed the section of the “Emergency Information Card” that advises us of how you want us to deal with such situations, including the person whom we should call if you are not available. The seriousness of some injuries and illnesses are not obvious until several hours after their onset, so the student’s teacher or an office staff member may wish to inform the parent/guardian of a seemingly simple injury or brief illness just as a precaution. We prefer to err on the side of caution.



Any and all medications for students must be brought to the office by a parent. Students are not allowed to bring medications to school. Parents/guardians are required to submit the proper forms before medications can be administered through the office. The school nurse and the school office keep a file of all medications that are administered at school. It is the parent’s responsibility to insure that the nurse and office have current information to insure the well being of the child.


Lunch/Breakfast Applications

Applications for free or reduced hot lunch and breakfast must be filled out by all families since federal funds for many of our programs are determined by the number of eligible participants. Therefore, whether your child wishes to eat hot lunch or not, please fill out the form and return it to school. Keep in mind that you will remain on the same status as last year until your new application is processed. New applications must be filed each year.

We offer a breakfast program for all students. Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:15 AM. Accommodations will be made for bus students who arrive late. Breakfast also will be served on days when school opens late. Please pay for student’s lunch on a weekly basis on the first day of the school week. This payment should be sent in an envelope marked with your child’s name, his or her teacher’s name, and the amount of money enclosed. Please contact us for current prices.

The easiest and best way for us to receive this money is by CHECK made payable to Corinna School or RSU #19 Lunch Program. Your canceled check is your receipt.


Bus Transportation Rules

School bus transportation is a privilege that may be withdrawn for inappropriate behavior. Students must ride the bus to which they are assigned and will not be permitted to ride an alternative one without written permission from a parent or guardian. Students will only be allowed off the bus at school, home, or locations requested in writing by parents/guardians. The bus driver is in complete charge of the bus and its occupants at all times. Students riding the bus must comply with the requests of the driver, or privileges to ride may be suspended.





Walk to the bus

Use kind words to the bus driver and others

Talk quietly

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Follow bus rules

Remain in seat

Listen and follow directions


Use self control


Students and Money

It is sometimes necessary for students to bring money to school. However, lost or stolen money is not the school’s responsibility, and students are encouraged not to bring more than needed and not to leave it in their desks, book bags, etc. It is suggested that any money you send to school with your child be put in an envelope marked for its intended use.


School Property

Students who are enrolled at the Corinna School shall be held responsible for the care of all books, equipment, and other supplies which are issued for their use. Students or their parents will be required to reimburse the school for lost, destroyed, or damaged books, equipment, and other supplies.


Personal Property


Students are encouraged not to bring personal property to school unless it has been requested by a teacher or is needed for instructional purposes. Neither the school nor its personnel will be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property of students.

While we recognize that many students possess cellular telephones and other electronic devices, these devices may not be used in any manner that disrupts the educational environment. In addition, RSU #19 is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of such devices.


Flower and Balloon Deliveries

Because many children and some staff members are allergic to flowers, any deliveries will be held at the office until the end of the day.

Latex balloons are prohibited due to allergies. Mylar (foil) balloons are allowed, but will be held at the office until the end of the school day due to the potential disruption that they may cause in the classroom. 

Library/Media Centers

Our library offers a variety of materials for students and teachers and is open for student use during each school day. The elementary students have an instructional library period each week at which time they are taught the use of the library as well as various research techniques.

The library offers the opportunity for students to check out books, and they will be held responsible to insure that the books are returned on time and in acceptable condition. Students and their parents will be held responsible for lost or damaged books and will not be allowed to check out additional materials until restitution is made. Computers are also available for use by all students through the library or the computer lab. Students must follow the RSU #19 Acceptable Use Policy and have parental permission.


Acceptable Dress

Well-dressed and groomed students tend to have a better attitude toward school and their fellow students. It is important that they dress neatly and in good taste at all times. The following guidelines are enforced for the health and well being of all:

  • Footwear of some kind must be worn. Sneakers must be worn during physical education classes and all other activities in the gym.
  • Clothes must be clean and neat and meet reasonable standards of hygiene and social conduct.
  • The following are examples of prohibited clothing:swim wear, ripped or shredded clothing, decorations or designs advertising drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, decorations promoting violence, sexual connotations or any clothing not covering the student appropriately.

Students who violate the above dress requirements will be given the opportunity to change their dress at school if appropriate, or the parent will be contacted for a change of clothes.


Student Hazing and Endangerment

Maine statute defines hazing as “any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of a student enrolled in a public school.”  It is the policy of the Board of Directors that injurious hazing activities of any type not be tolerated.


Harassment Policy

RSU #19 has a strict Harassment Policy to which all students and adults are required to adhere. Infractions of this policy may result in severe consequences through the school and/or the legal system. The Affirmative Action Officer for the District is Mary Nadeau, who may be reached at Nokomis High School, 368-4354.


Dressing for the Weather/Recess

Students should be dressed for the weather. Cold and windy days warrant warm jackets, and winter weather warrants hats, boots, mittens, snow pants, and jackets. Recess is a regular part of the school day, and students will be expected to participate. If for some reason you do not wish your child to participate in recess, a signed note from a doctor will be required. Usually, it is more healthful for children to get fresh air once or twice a day rather than to remain in the confines of a classroom for the entire day.


Playground Behavior

Recess can and should be a time for students to get fresh air and exercise; however, when a student hurts others, we must take action. For the safety of all our boys and girls, aggressive actions on the playground will be taken seriously and may result in loss of recess privileges or, in some instances, a suspension from school.



The school telephone is for business use. Students are discouraged from using it except for emergency situations. Making after school plans with friends and retrieval of forgotten homework or sneakers are not good reasons for using the telephone. 


Voice Mail/E-Mail

Each teacher at Corinna School has voice mail, which can be activated by following the menu options during after hours. If you would like to leave a message for a particular teacher before 7:30 AM or after 3:30 PM, simply follow the recorded options. The office has that option as well. In addition, each teacher also has an e-mail address. You may leave mail for any teacher by typing his/her address as follows:

Substitute the teachers’ first initial and last name for “ateacher”

If you have difficulty, call the office at 278-4263.


“Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential.”

-Liane Cardes