Etna-Dixmont School

Welcome to the Home of the Eagles


Etna-Dixmont School is a small rural school that houses approximately 275 Pre-K to Eighth grade students. We are known as the Eagles and our school colors are red and white.

Etna-Dixmont School Supply List 2015/2016

Students Pre-K through grade 4 should have received a letter from their new teacher.  Any school supplies need for that grade would have been in that letter.

Also please note that if you are unable to purchase school supplies for students the school will provide them. Parents or students can let any staff member know what is needed.

Mrs. McBreairty/Reading and Writing/Grades 5-8

Binder/Dividers/Loose Leaf Paper

5th graders only need two binders for reading and writing

Mrs. Barboza/Science/Grades 5-8

1 to 1 1/2 inch binder

Mr. Smith/Social Studies/Grades 5-8

1 binder, folder, or trapper keeper

Mrs. Pare / Math/Grades 5-8

1 inch binder

Notebooks or paper


Other writing utensil

White board marker(optional)

Mrs. Chapman-Nile/ELA/Grades 5-8

1 inch binder

Mrs. Lavoie/French/Grades 5-8

1 inch binder


Mrs. Wetherbee/Physicial Education/All Grades

Sneakers for Gym Class

General Supplies

Pencils / Locker shelf if possible

Notebook for social studies, math, science, reading and ELA(can be provided)

Hand held pencil sharpener / Pencil case to keep pencils in


***********Reminder Sports Night for grades 5-8 is August 26 at 6:30 p.m. following Parent Night. Students will need a recent physical (within the last two years.)