Rainbow Reader

Rainbow Reader

Hartland Consolidated School

Reading Incentive Program

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This year HCS is implementing a new Reading Incentive Program called Rainbow Reader.  The goal of this program is to have every child reading 20 minutes each night.

A rainbow colored recording sheet will be sent home in the student’s take home folders.  There will be 30 boxes on the sheet for parents to initial and date for each night their child reads 20 minutes.  Only one box may be filled out each night even if your child reads more that 20 minutes. We ask that you not initial the boxes until after your child has read the 20 minutes.  For younger students you may spend some of this 20 minutes also reading to them!

After your child has completed all 30 boxes on their recording sheet they will bring it back to school.  They will get to trace their hand on the back and add it to our rainbow reader bulletin board, as well as receive a prize.  They will then receive a new recording sheet the next color of the rainbow and start the process again.  If they make it through all the colors of the rainbow sheets they will receive a Rainbow Reader t-shirt at the end of the year.

We are very excited about this reading incentive program and hope you and your child enjoy this opportunity to experience the joys of reading at home!