St. Albans Consolidated School


The St. Albans Consolidated School is a community school of approximately 130 Pre-K - 2nd grade students. All the teachers work together to create a safe, pleasant, and exciting learning environment for students to enter everyday. Our goal for the St. Albans School is to make our school community even stronger. Our students are our districts youngest learners, but all staff understand we are educating children to become citizens of a large world, with solid academic abilities and strong social understandings.

The St. Albans School is student centered. The classroom bulletin boards and our school hallway display student work and writing. We feel strongly that the students should see their work displayed and know how proud we all are of their accomplishments. Each morning we Pledge Allegiance to the Flag together, and the 4th graders update us in the afternoon with school announcements. Buddy reading, silent reading, reading with a teacher, and reading to self occurs every day.

Not only do we provide learning opportunities for children, St. Albans staff continues to be life long learners, themselves. Teachers and staff study reading, writing, and math scores to improve instructional strategies. We all look forward to inviting parents in for our Reader's Cafe, Math Nights, holiday concerts, and Student Led Conferences. Grandparents Day, Nutrition Day,the Holiday Store, the Giving Tree and Field Day are some of our favorite days of the school year, as we are able to come together as a school community and share learning experiences. We are also very lucky to have an active PTO, which strives to supplement our curriculum. These personal connections are the reason we are successful in educating our students.

­ At school you'll meet not only your child's classroom teacher, but also our specialists for music, guidance, physical education, and library. The Title 1 program supports our classrooms, as does Special Education. Our school nurse and Wellness Team educate students and staff on the link between healthy bodies and academic achievement.

Everyone at the St. Albans School--teachers, educational technicians, custodians, kitchen staff, and ­office personnel, comes to school every day with the goal of providing our young students with the high-quality education they deserve.