TEPG/LEPG: Teacher and Leader Evaluation and Professional Growth

Purpose and Goals

The RSU19 TEPG/LEPG program outlines a core framework, which serves as the foundation for the district’s local evaluation and professional growth program.  RSU#19 has identified the following purposes and goals: 

  • To encourage shared language around the craft of teaching and support collaboration within and across schools, ultimately fostering improvement in teaching practices and positively impacting students’ learning
  • To serve as a measurement of performance of individual teachers and leaders
  • To clarify expectations and serve as a guide for teachers and leaders as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness
  • To serve as a basis for identifying areas where professional development can improve instructional effectiveness
  • To focus on the goals and objectives of our schools and our district as we support, monitor, and evaluate our teachers and leaders 
  • To serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for teachers


Below you will find links to documents and handbooks to support you through this process.

LEPG ResourcesTEPG ResourcesSLO Resources
 LEPG Handbook 2016 TEPG Handbook 2017SLO Handbook  2017
  TEPG ChecklistSLO Template

LEPG Instructional Feedback Observation Toolkit

 Self Evaluation SLO Checklist
LEPG Instructional Feedback Observation ProtocolGoal Template 
LEPG Conference FormsGoal Evidence 
 LEPG Companion GuidePre + Post Observation 
 LEPG PlacematObservation Form 
 Peer Observation 
  TEPG Companion Guide 
  TEPG Placemat 

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Evaluation and Professional Growth Tools and Resources